Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary Hyperhidrosis is a symptom of another problem within the body, unlike Primary Hyperhidrosis, which is a medical problem and can manifest itself as excessive armpit sweating and a range of other excessive sweating issues. The individual suffering from excessive sweating has another medical problem that is causing it, as part of Hyperhidrosis.

Because of the range of conditions that can cause this type of excessive sweating, it is always a good idea for sufferers to visit their doctor for a check-up, to try and diagnose the medical condition at the root of the problem. People who experience this type of Hyperhidrosis could be suffering from illnesses such as diabetes, an overactive thyroid, heart disease and Parkinson’s.

For many of these illnesses, excessive sweating is unlikely to be the only symptom, but because some could be quite serious, if a sufferer is at all worried about their Secondary Hyperhidrosis, it is always wise to get advice from a medical professional.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary Hyperhidrosis is a form of excessive sweating that is usually attributable to another issue or condition in the body. The specific problem that’s actually causing the excessive sweating can be one of any number of things, but this usually means that once the issue has been identified, an obvious treatment for the condition, and the Secondary Hyperhidrosis, can be found.

This type of Hyperhidrosis may be caused by another medical condition, such as:

  • Hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid)
  • Being pregnant
  • Being overweight
  • Heart disease
  • Gout

Alternatively, this type of excessive sweating may be caused by the things we put in our body, some for legitimate reasons, and some slightly less so. This type of Hyperhidrosis can be caused by:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Drugs for high blood pressure
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs

Unlike Primary Hyperhidrosis, because Secondary Hyperhidrosis is usually a symptom of another problem or ailment in the body, the excessive sweating is usually generalized and doesn’t just affect a single part of the body.

For anybody who’s suffering from excessive sweating associated with Secondary Hyperhidrosis, making an attempt to be a little healthier could help you stop sweating.