Primary Hyperhidrosis

Primary Hyperhidrosis isn’t actually a symptom of any other illness and is considered to be a medical condition in its right as part of Focal Hyperhidrosis. It is thought that this type of excessive sweating is, in fact, a genetic problem that is passed on from the parents. This is substantiated by studies which show that some people who suffer from this type of Hyperhidrosis have at least one close relative with the same problem.

Thousands of people suffer from excessive armpit sweating, and for those who do it can be quite an embarrassing problem. Excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis as its known, affects about 3% of the population. Because there are two types of Hyperhidrosis, one of the first steps to finding a way to deal with the problem could be to understand exactly which type the individual is suffering from.

Thought to be caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system, Primary Hyperhidrosis can be more difficult to cure, although there are some treatment options that are available.

Primary Hyperhidrosis

Primary Hyperhidrosis is regarded as a medical condition in its right, and as such, it’s not a symptom or result of another issue in the body. It has no recognizable cause, although many medical professionals believe that it is a genetic problem. This explanation for this type of excessive sweating is backed up by the fact that a lot of people who suffer from primary Hyperhidrosis are related to someone that has a similar problem.

The excessive sweating as definition of Primary Hyperhidrosis usually develops during adolescence, and for a lot of people, it disappears as they get older. For this reason, Primary Hyperhidrosis has been linked to nervousness and anxiety (it has even been called emotional sweating) as teenagers go through what can be an emotional time of their lives. However, some people continue to suffer from this form of excessive sweating until much later in life, and medical experts have linked this to a problem with the sympathetic nervous system.

Primary Hyperhidrosis can also be either focal or generalized. Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis is where the problem affects a specific part of the body. For example, someone might suffer from excessive underarm sweating, or sweaty hands, sweaty feet, and excessive head sweating. Click the link to find out more about different types of excessive sweating.
Primary Generalised Hyperhidrosis is where the excessive sweating itself is still the problem. However, it is an issue that affects the whole body and isn’t confined to one particular area as with Focal Hyperhidrosis.