Hyperhidrosis Symptoms

Everybody sweats, however one of the more obvious Hyperhidrosis symptoms would be when you sweat more than normal. This excessive sweating occurs when we produce a lot more sweat than is necessary to control our bodies temperature – which is one of the main reasons we perspire, as we get cooler as the sweat evaporates.

Because sweating is something we all do, there is no exact measure of how much a person needs to sweat before they are considered to have an excessive sweating problem. However, sufferers and health professionals should be able to identify Hyperhidrosis symptoms that would indicate if somebody is sweating too much.

Hyperhidrosis Symptoms Explained

One of the more obvious Hyperhidrosis symptoms may not be a physical symptom at all. In general, if somebody is suffering from severe sweating, they are usually very aware of it, and being this self-conscious of their heavy sweating will start to have an affect on their personal and professional life. When that happens, the chances are that they are in fact sweating too much and do have an excessive sweating problem.

As sweating is natural and happens to all of us, it can be difficult to difficult to determine what is excessive. If you answer yes to most of the following questions, you might be considered to be displaying a number Hyperhidrosis symptoms:

  • Do you often think about how much/whether you are sweating during the day?
  • Do you avoid certain types of activity for fear of sweating?
  • Do concerns over your sweating dictate what clothes you wear?
  • Does your fear of sweating determine what you do and where you go socially?
  • Do you ever change clothes during the day due to excessive sweating?
  • Do you carry antiperspirant/deodorant or other products with you and regularly apply during the day?

More obvious Hyperhidrosis symptoms may be an occurrence of about of excessive sweating which occurs at least once a week, and which affects any of some different parts of the body, including underarms, hands, feet and the face. Some people who don’t necessarily feel they demonstrate these typical Hyperhidrosis symptoms, may find they suffer from a different type of excessive sweating night sweats. Click the link to find out more about night sweats.